Asbestos Survey Reports

Asbestos Survey Reports

Blue Sky Group is a recognised asbestos control company in Northamptonshire. From asbestos consultancy to asbestos management, removal and surveying we offer a number of services and solutions to manage your asbestos problems.

HSE has now done away with type 1, 2 or 3 surveys so there are only 2 types.Asbestos Control - Bluesky Group

We can create a management or demolition/refurbishment survey.

We are licenced to work with – survey and remove most asbestos products.

Did you know that every week on average…

  • 4 plumbers die
  • 20 tradesmen die
  • 6 electricians die
  • 8 joiners die


…all from this hidden killer!

Asbestos was extensively used as a building material in the UK from the 1950s through to the mid-1980s. It was used for a variety of purposes and was ideal for fireproofing and insulation. Any building built before 2000 (houses, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc) can contain asbestos. Asbestos materials in good condition are safe unless asbestos fibres become airborne, which happens when materials are damaged.

Duty to manage asbestos

The duty to manage asbestos is contained in regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006  . It legally requires the person who has the duty (ie the “dutyholder”) to:

  • take reasonable steps to find out if there are materials containing asbestos in non-domesticDuty to manage asbestos premises, and if so, its amount, where it is and what condition it is in;
  • presume materials contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not;
  • make, and keep up-to-date, a record of the location and condition of the asbestos containing materials – or materials which are presumed to contain asbestos;
  • assess the risk of anyone being exposed to fibres from the materials identified;
  • prepare a plan that sets out in detail how the risks from these materials will be managed;
  • take the necessary steps to put the plan into action;
  • periodically review and monitor the plan and the arrangements to act on it so that the plan remains relevant and up-to-date; and
  • provide information on the location and condition of the materials to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb them.

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